Jalupro is a cosmetic drug for biorevitalization, developed in Italy. Clinical studies conducted by leading Italian cosmetology clinics have proven the effectiveness and safety of “beauty injections”. The injections give a durable and long-lasting result. The drug is approved by the Ministry of Health of the European Union and has been licensed for use in our country. Jalupro biorevitalization is a simple way to give your skin a second youthfulness due to the patented amino acid cocktail. Let’s talk about Jalupro results.

The principle of action of the drug

The secret of beautiful skin has long been discovered: proper nutrition, regular hydration and support for natural regeneration can prolong youthfulness, avoid premature aging and wrinkles. Unfortunately, in the big city our skin is exposed to too many tests, so ordinary cosmetic products (creams, masks) do not cope.  

Biorevitalization in this case serves as a replacement therapy, through which the amino acids necessary for the health and radiance of the skin are delivered to the deeper layers of the dermis. Experts cosmetology unanimously recognize “beauty injections” as the most effective and safest method of recovery for the face, neck and delicate areas. A specially selected “cocktail” of beneficial components stimulates the natural processes of protection and restoration of the skin, including the synthesis of collagen fibers. 

JaluPro injections normalize metabolic processes in different layers of the dermis, helping speed up the natural regeneration responsible for replacing old cells with new ones. As a result, the skin tightens, becomes supple and fresh, healthy looking. Small wrinkles disappear, while large ones lose size and depth. 

What is included in JaluPro

Jalupro injections are a specially selected group of amino acids with the addition of a moisturizing agent (hyaluronic acid). The patent-protected formula includes:

  • aminoacetic acid – a proteinogenic amino acid that triggers metabolic processes in cells;
  • proline, an amino acid that makes up collagen and is responsible for the strength characteristics of fibers;
  • leucine, an essential amino acid for humans, which is not synthesized by the body;
  • lysine, another valuable amino acid that is not produced by the human body, its derivatives are necessary for the production of elastin and collagen;
  • hyaluronic acid – an element responsible for moisturizing the deep layers of the dermis.

The composition of the product is selected in such proportions to meet the skin’s needs for valuable amino acids. The combination is synergetic for the “cocktail” when separate elements work together to produce a greater effect than in isolation. Amino acids reinforce each other to trigger the natural regeneration processes of collagen and elastin fibers, nourish and restore metabolic processes.

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