Why do Under Eye Circles and Bags Appear?

The eyes and the area around them are the first thing you notice when determining the age of your companion. So let’s find out how you can lose a few years of age by rejuvenating that periorbital area around your eyes. You can get more useful information about fillers at https://majormedicalsolutions.com/.

Briefly – the cause of 90% of dark circles is the vessels and tissues showing through the skin. If, when young, with a healthy and unashamed body, there is a small layer of fat between the skin and tissues, then over the years it becomes thin, modified, thus provoking a visual change in the area under the eyes. The color that we see in the lower eyelid area is the lumen of the vessels and tissues through our skin. In most cases, the color of the skin itself has absolutely nothing to do with it! The skin itself also loses its density and elasticity over the years, and sometimes acquires dark pigmentation.

Also affect the appearance of the problem of deep set eyes, and in rare cases – changes in pigmentation of the skin under the eyes and around the eyes. If you have dark circles under the eyes, then almost always in this area there are gaps in skin relief, arising again from age-related changes.

What to do?

To hide this defect – you must either reduce the transparency of the skin (increase its density, turgor), or to ensure restoration of the layer between the skin and blood vessels with tissues. Raising the relief of the skin of the suborbital area one can achieve a significant visual effect. And the use of preparations with hyaluronic acid, which attracts water and even has a temporary bleaching effect, gives 100% results!

How to get rid of the problem with a cosmetologist

Professional cosmetology can remove circles and bags under the eyes in just 15 minutes, without surgery, and at a reasonable price. Practice allows beauticians to say that in 95% of cases, circles and bruises under the eyes help injections of hyaluronic acid preparations. No surgery, no pain, in 15 minutes. The result is visible immediately after the procedure and lasts for 8-12 months. Specialists guarantee no side effects, because they use the correct technique for the introduction of the drug.

Cosmetologists-experts say that for smoothing nasolabial furrows and dark circles in this area we can work only with low density and hygroscopic dermal fillers. Such preparations are adapted directly to the periorbital area, where the skin is thin, delicate and sensitive.

When treating the periorbital and molar area of the face in any case do not use preparations based on calcium hydroxyapatite, and especially biopolymer gels. The mere fact that viscous and dense fillers when injected into the periorbital area often form bumps should stop both the patient and the beautician. In addition, the narrowness of the working area does not allow even distribution of dense gel and achieve the desired result.

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